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What is an Strategy?

Here is the way to define Strategy!   Strategy is a set of choices obtain from analysis that aimed at positioning the organization for obtaining superior results on the long term. Stragety is an integrated set of choices that collectively position the organization in its industry so as to create sustainable advantage relative to competition and deliver superior financial returns. ...

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How do you prioritize what you should save for in life, how you handle debt and what to be ready for financially?

This is a somewhat generalized list and will not apply to everyone, but these are some good ordered steps to take if you're trying to get out of debt or simply manage your finances more effectively. 1-2 months emergency fund. Tackle high interest debt aggressively, starting with highest interest debt first and leaving "lower interest debt" for later (this is somewhat subjective, but I would consider anythin ...

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Not satisfied with your 401k options? You can change them!

A few years ago the small firm I was working for at the time rolled out a a new 401k program. I was initially ecstatic, as the company was matching contributions at 3% and I was able to start putting more money toward retirement. After some research however, I realized that all of the available funds had quite high expense ratios compared to some of the funds at Janus, Vanguard, Fidelity and a few other hig ...

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Bitcoin Bubble?

Bitcoins are interesting as they don't produce income like equities, bonds, or property, but they're a lot more useful than gold, which varies in popularity as an investment option. If you're a fan of Graham and Buffett then you'll presumably see Bitcoin as a bad investment like gold - no fundamentals and a value dictated purely by the market. There’s also no notion of seniority for certain Bitcoin holders ...

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Want to get your business on Shark Tank?

The opportunity to feature your business on the show Shark Tank is one that any business owner would relish. Here’s a rundown of the process as explained by an anonymous business owner that pitched his business to the Shark Tank producers: I pitched to Shark Tank, and went through almost the entire audition process. Basically I sent an email, got contacted by a producer, got sent an initial contract, sent i ...

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