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Career Management 101

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Does this sound like anyone you know? o Not inspired to get out of bed and go to work o Not enjoying the career progression and satisfaction that you’d hoped for o Feel that you have more to offer, but not being asked o Feel stressed and maybe even burnt out o Bored and frustrated o Feel underpaid and unappreciated If this does sound like someone you know, then I have a question for you: How differently do you think that person would feel, if they had the skills and knowledge to change their situation? If they could improve their current job, or find a better job, do you think that they’d do it? It is widely believed that the majority of the working population aren’t happy in their job. Whether that job is white collar, blue collar, the CEO, or the janitor, people have many and varied reasons for not enjoying their job, but the end result is the same — they’re not happy and they want to change their situation Some of the typical reasons why people aren’t happy in their job are:  Long hours  Unrealistic expectations  Constant pressure  Corrosive relationships  Feeling unappreciated and underpaid  Don’t like their boss  Health hazards  Too much travel  Don’t like the work Any one of these reasons can lead to a decrease in motivation, inspiration, self-esteem and self-confidence, as well an increase in stress, frustration, animosity and poor performance Many people feel completely lost when they suffer these feelings at work. They might continue to put up

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  • chochi70

    great vid , this career management toolkit is just what I have been looking for to excel in my career. Ive ordered a copy. Thanks Brian !


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