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Flawed logic, dollar resumes decline, some personal talk :)

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Flawed Logic, the US recovers but jobs will continue to be lost The dollar Unemployment hits another record during the recovery Crime is way up The real stock market Jobs Another record for housing in the middle of the recovery Total sociopath As the US Empire fades into the sunset, a new one is on the rise. Europe

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  • louiethegreater

    Unemployment will continue to rise because our manufacturing sector has been outsourced. It has nothing to do with credit or consumer spending. Folks can’t continue to spend when their 30./hr job has been replaced with a 10./hr job. They cannot make their mortgage payments for the same reason. Plus you have 20 million illegal immigrants and the completely shameless use of H1B visas that drives wages lower. Laissez-faire economics does not work!! thats what you should be telling folks.

  • sorayacheryl

    Thanks Daniel! Appreciate you doing all the legwork since most of us dont have the time/motivation:) Obama has a new name for me, Obomination! whereas this is strong I think it is well deserved since he campaigned on Change buuuuut I believe most people did not forsee the kinda change he had in mind! He is surrounding himself with extremists and it is very scary what is coming out of Washington right now not to mention how fast Freedom of Speech is under threat!

  • obeyance

    It sounded like it tossed it down next to his mic.

  • creten69

    now is then and we are having a nice fake recove

  • doctorofghetto

    Nice Silver bar……That sounded legit, LOL.

  • neogeomm

    this is bigger than the doings of illegals… this goes up to the higher echelons of power.

  • deemee693

    dam illegals.

  • edanlws

    Nice work. keep it up. mean time come for social media marketing for esteembpo**com

  • JerryRSun

    I say we switch to gold, and hire Asian gold farmers.

  • paxout

    Thanks for warning people. Both gold & lead are going increase in price.

  • jeffuehrer

    yeah, i heard about that. nobody throws gold away but look at all the techno-devices, i.e. cellphones, keyboards, etc. with silver components, buried in landfills. also, silver has the highest electrical conductivity of all metals. i’ll research palladium. thanks for the tip.

  • Questfortruth86

    There will be more than 20% inflation; all you need to do is look at the balance of payments, and the drop in dollar confidence. You gotta remember, the dollar is backed purely by confidence.

  • Questfortruth86

    There’s also 5x more gold than silver. Gold is too valuable to use for industrial purposes, so silver is constantly consumed. I would buy silver and Palladium.

  • oztronix

    So many doom sayers, so let’s step into line,
    for a bit, and be faster than Chellente:
    Here’s prediction by Oztronix:
    -Prepare for total POWER DEMISE of:
    US, UK, and other English speaking peoples.
    -Embrace the rise of the:
    United States Of Europe (or you’re screwed) .
    -Prepare for the total world take over ATTEMPT,
    by China and her allies.
    -Prepare for the war, between Euro-Asia, and
    East-Asia, (read related G. Orwell novel again,
    and this time: CAREFULLY).

  • AntiBullS

    Yes USD is a walking Zombie pumped with steroids and high on cocaine

  • draggeddownthehole

    Peter Schiff says houses are still overvalued. They could lose another 30 %.

  • jeffuehrer

    silver is smart. it has more industrial uses than gold and could rise to the price of gold as ludicrous as that may sound. i myself can only afford purchases in silver hence my biased perspective. i also think that a copper investment couldn’t hurt. these metals are crucial in the production of our current technological age usage. great video! five stars!

  • trunkeight

    Thanks for posting. Respect.

    Good to see someone who actually comprehends the gravity of the situation at hand…

  • qualqui

    four dollars for a measly cupcake?!! Instead of ppl. poolin’ their resources and using the four bucks to make cupcakes from scratch at home,……..hmmm

  • 666sigma

    China renewed comments today about the dollar’s value. It seems a certainty that the dollar will be dropped as the world banking reserve currency. It will happen and when it does, the dollar will tank like nobody’s business.

    The federal government cannot bail out CA. If it does, that gives way to 49 other states and all hell will break loose.

  • profesas

    if we have 15% to 20% inflation, it doesn’t matter what you call it, as it will erode our savings. ( paper assets )

  • gwuengr2

    Realtor’s in the Inland Empire are doing great with the drop in prices and the previously pent up demand. Realtor’s won on the way up AND on the way down.

    BTW, I was at the mall today, and there were people lined up to buy $4 cup cakes – icing was a $1.75 extra!! Can you believe it?

    Were in a recession? Really?

    I don’t get it…

  • Kevin17761984

    right on….

  • teasert1

    Hey VV, Do you have any seminars organized for Texas yet?

  • pretorious700

    the dollar is kaput


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