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Hot Tips on How to Job Scout – My Checklist

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The resume will depend on the type of job being applied for.  There are times when certain employers require curriculum vitae and even a cover letter or letter of intent.  Every professional job you apply for expects to receive a well written resume.
There are sites that provide this assistance like Hot Jobs, America's Job Bank, and Monster that utilizes resources and convenience for people to look for jobs.

Where else to look for job openings?

Applying at several companies initially in a local area can save an applicant more time and money.  If it so happens a job was found late in the day, call immediately for inquiries.  How to look for jobs that are not announced?

Sometimes companies and other employers do not really advertise any job openings in their organization.  Start looking for the job personally.  Tell everyone about your job hunting.  Relatives and previous offices or company co-workers will be able to give hints on job vacancies in their current companies.  Often times, the Yellow Pages does the important job of providing information on how and where to call to look for a job.  This gives an accurate list of companies and prospective employers in a chosen area.  If lucky, just walk in and ask for information about the job and how to apply.

After submitting application forms and resumes to the respective companies, keep track of the progress by creating a chart where you can jot down the name of the company and when the application was submitted.

Here’s a job-scout checklist to help you along your way:

1.    Identify experience list
2.    Identify prospective employers
3.    Prepare documents
4.    Plan schedules
5.    Contact companies and/or employers
9.    Start with the new job!


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