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How to Write a Great Resume : How to Submit Resumes Online

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In today’s technological world, submitting job resumes online has become the norm. Get some tips from an expert on how to adjust your resume for the internet in this free job huntingvideo. Expert: Tine Buechler Bio: Tine Buechler obtained her BA in adult education from Brock University in St Catherines, ON. She also graduated with a BA in sociology from the University of Western in London, ON. Filmmaker: Melissa Schenk

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  • MedSalesRecruiter

    If you dont have the exact requirements for the job, dont submit directly on company website, it will go into a black hole. Find a recruiter that works with the company or use Linkedin to find someone who works there. Ask for the opportunity to speak & after the talk, submit your resume to them and ask that they forward it to the right person within their org.
    This will be 1000X more successful than applying online.
    Peggy McKee

  • Callumdff

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  • garyowen4ever

    with 30 yrs world class recruitment experience, id advise you need to do it the depression era hollywood way, either FOWB, or better, offer to kick back serious cash bux to the decider or person that counts, everypayday, when some interest is shown in your shtick,,,,can you spell winning bid or fireproof, expressing appreciation with dinero to your benefactors is common courtesy in the middle east. if you volunteer to do it, its your bux,,,your decision,,i dont see any immorality. i would/will.

  • Lombagfvhk

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