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Identify Your Skill Set

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Identifying your skills and getting that job!

When applying for a job, it is ideal that you identify your strengths and weaknesses and get prepared to address them. Identifying your skills

You should identify your skills. Many people have a hard time telling their skills and abilities as this may seem to be bragging. But you should not be shy or afraid to discuss your skills. You should be able to sell your abilities to your employer. Type of skills

There are two main types of skills, hard skills and soft skills. Soft skills are skills that are rather abstract in nature like personal qualities. Making a list of your previous jobs and experience acquired

It is also a good idea to list the volunteer activities that you participated in.

Include a list of your hobbies

There are a lot of abilities that your prospective employer may get from your hobby list. For example, if you were part of the school's debating team, then your employer may deduce that you have good analytical skills. Select the skills contained from your list and partner it with the employment you are seeking. Always take time to consider if your skills are relevant to the job that you are aspiring for. Don't be bothered if you have to cut out some of the skills from your list. It is also important to include in the list your skills that the prospective employer will probably value.

It is important to know your skills every time you are job hunting.

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