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Interview Tips – Facebook and Your Job Search

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Brian Krueger, President of, presents "Facebook and Your Job Search." Are you a Facebook user? And are you currently conducting a job search? If yes, you need to see this video.

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  • MontrealMan1970

    good point very often overlooked.

  • BrianKrueger

    Having atheism as a status shouldn’t have an impact, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. Don’t put anything on Facebook that you don’t want seen by others and/or tightly control who accesses your information so that it doesn’t become an issue.

  • celticrune12345

    This may sound very strange but… What about Atheism? I’m not hardcore spreading my philosophy on life, but would such a status be harmful?

    I’m looking at getting a job with a video game company if that counts for anything.

  • BrianKrueger

    As long as the views are mainstream (liberal or conservative), it would not be a problem. Extreme views (of any type, political or not) are where it can become a problem.

  • lebaneseameer

    I’m curious Brian….does political beliefs count as dirt on a myspace or facebook also?? I usually share my political views on those sites!

    I’m not talking about extreme beliefs such as Neo-Nazi or “Kill Bush”, but less extreme, like Palestinian rights and just having liberal views, since hiring managers are typically Republican.


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