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Interview Tips – MySpace and Your Job Search

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Brian Krueger, President of, presents “MySpace and Your Job Search.” Are you on MySpace? And are you conducting a job search? You need to be careful that your MySpace profile is not having a negative impact on your job search. Here is what you need to know to protect yourself.

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  • Heny4563

    They also check facebook and possibly others so be careful. I fixed mine right when I found out about this 2 years ago so no more drunk pics of me lol.

  • size0life

    This is sooo important to do.

    • Alejandro

      Just about all I can express is, I am not sure what to say! Except nutlralay, for the fantastic tips that are shared using this blog. I can think of a trillion fun strategies to read the reports on this site. I do think I will ultimately take a step using your tips on areas I could never have been able to take care of alone. You’re so clever to let me be one of those to learn from your helpful information. Please know how much I enjoy the whole thing.


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