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Job Search Ninja: Tips on Acing the Interview

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The current recession is shaping up to be the worst since World War II, and only the skills of a trained, tactical warrior are going to be enough to see you through it. How will you compete in such a tight job market? During good economic times the average time to find a new job is 1 month for every $10,000 in income. No one knows what that data looks like in this job market, but we do know it is much worse. You need to learn skills that will get you hired, and fast… More >>

Job Search Ninja: Tips on Acing the Interview

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  • Sean Montgomery

    This is a follow up to the first book “Job Search Ninja: A Guide to Finding Hidden Jobs Online”. I found Bavol’s first book to be a great resource for finding the jobs. Now Bavol helps the reader once he/she has found the job they want. I found the most value in understanding what the recruiter is actually looking for. The use of key words during the interview is common sense, but most people don’t do it. The key in today’s competitive labor market is differentiation. This book will help you to differentiate yourself from your competition. It’s a must read.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • Sherice Fouch

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