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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Have you lost your job in the financial crisis wave? While you are on a job search, take some time out to study the root of the financial crisis and why you lost your job – For a free Kabbalah course, sign up here:

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  • rosettast0ned

    everything imaginably bad will happen as long as man continues to go function against the law of nature.

  • DilDema

    Yeah I know, but i really dont think this economic depression will happen, if it does it wont happen alone, many things will happen soon though.

  • rosettast0ned

    pharmacists really dont.. have the cure to anything

  • Jame243

    Nice enigmatic Video! Makes you think!

  • elketerbentzadik

    Only people with medical insurance need pharmacists.

  • gtsvideodotcom

    Nice wordplay =) economic fluctuations are highly symbolic of peoples’ moods. Having a job is important, but that alone will never make you “depression proof.” Everyone in that video was doing something valuable, important, and potentially rewarding, but only if they choose to perceive it that way.

  • Bledar11

    Yes, people will always need pharmacists

  • Alonzo Mcelravy

    Thank you for publishing about this. There’s a heap of great tech information on the internet. You’ve got a lot of that info here on your website. I’m impressed – I try to keep a couple blogs reasonably on-going, but it’s a struggle sometimes. You’ve done a big job with this one. How do you do it?


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