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Marijuana civil dis resumes in nashua NH (Live report)

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  • unclesamsbastardson

    “Pitch a fit”

    Just like a spoiled child who is in need of some discipline.

    • Alejita

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  • RidleyReport

    @mackler Well in fairness most cops have courage in the sense that they will pull someone over for a registration violation without knowing what that person will do in retaliation. Or they are often courageous in facing gunfire from a drug merchant who shoots back. The problem is that they don’t often have the same courage staring down a questionable order from on high.


    @mackler Yes i agree. Standing under an umbrella and promising to pitch a fit if arrested for smoking pot is a very noble thing. Never heard of such courage before.

    • King

      Hello Barb!I would like for people to know what a bsensilg it has been to have you in our lives.My husband & I met Barb during his chemo treatments. Herwelcoming smile and thoughtfulness were a great comfort during a very difficult timeI think we will be friends for life and we will always be so appreciative of her kindness and support.The Sequin of Kindness is a wonderful thing and it is no surprise to me that Barb is reaching out to people and making a difference.Her kindness and friendship are a reminder that there aremany very kind hearted people in the world and we are grateful to have met her.Thanks Barb!Midge

  • mackler

    The reason that cops don’t like Curtis is because his existence makes them confront the reality that he’s got more courage–and principle–in his little toe then all of them put together.

  • JuggaloCapuzzo

    Glad to see you out there in Nashua still, Curtis! Good job out there.

  • slewofdamascus

    I’m pretty sure I saw a bullhorn in one of those guys hands, RR.

    I like bullhorns for protests or for simply making one’s voice heard if an individual is so moved. I guess it depends on local laws and the question of public versus private property, but I believe the right of free speech is worth the minor inconvienances to anyone’s business, quite honestly. I get that its annoying to them, but as long as a person is not vulgar, I support the use of megaphones in a wide range of circumstances


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