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Scripts for Winning Jobs.: Book and 4 CDs. Power English Series.

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Product Description
Book with corresponding sound tracks on 4 audio CDs in a durable multimedia album. Learn from successful people from many different walks of life. What did they do and say to win that job or get promoted? How did they negotiate? What is their secret? Prepare for job interviews with authentic scripts for various occupations, find the right recruiter or headhunter, get references that work, ask the right questions, negotiate the salary you deserve, pass your perform… More >>

Scripts for Winning Jobs.: Book and 4 CDs. Power English Series.

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  • Eric H. Roth

    Designed for ambitious, dedicated immigrants seeking professional positions, this practical handbook and listening CD provides model scripts, asks poignant questions, and shows how to prepare for job interviews. Further, this hybrid book – part business advice and part language instruction – gives tips for success on a job from negotiating terms to preparing for performance reviews and collecting appropriate references.

    As a former director of an adult education program and current university ESL instructor who has to teach interview skills, I strongly recommend this outstanding book for sophisticated English language learners seeking a quality position. The four CDs make this insightful Business English text an excellent tool for self-study, vocation programs, and tutoring.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • Nancy Loncke

    If you’ve ever worried about exactly what to say at a job interview, this book and accompanying set of 4 CD’s is just what you need. It walks you through a wide variety of job interviews, and helps you anticipate questions you will be asked, and will want to ask. And unlike other books on getting a job, this one even guides you through interviews with job recruiters, plus how to handle job evaluation and promotion interviews once you’ve got the job and want to keep it, or advance.

    Whether you are looking for that first entry-level job or a skilled position, this book has all kinds of appropriate things you can say about yourself, your training and experience. Drawing on actual job interviews, Ms. Cooper creates very realistic and appropriate language so that you can sail through job interviews with confidence, and get the job you want. She even helps you through the tricky salary negotiations with expressions that diplomatically get you into the salary range you want.

    This book is great for people who speak English as a second language, but is also extremely beneficial for native speakers going through the job search process. The CD’s give an opportunity to listen and practice saying just the right thing on your next job interview.

    Nancy Loncke, teacher, lawyer, and information resource for the series Power English : what to say and how to say it ( .
    Rating: 5 / 5


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