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Start Your Job Search With Clarity — Or Else

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How to get hired faster by first making sure your resume, cover letters, and networking conversations are on target. Guerrilla Job Search tips from David E. Perry and Kevin Donlin. Excerpted from the Guerrilla Job Search System DVD –

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  • GM4JH

    The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth!
    That’s what you must write.

  • BonzoGal

    LordByte7, as someone who works in HR, I can tell you that we do background checks and hire an agency that calls up all workplaces, schools, etc, that you’ve listed. If you list something that’s untrue, we will not hire you. If we miss something and find out later that you’ve lied, we will fire you. It’s happened while I’ve worked here. So don’t do it!

  • lordbyte7

    how much can an Applicant exaggerate?
    what if the CV, resumee or application letter contains inaccuracies?


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