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Tips for a Successful Job Interview

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Tips for a Successful Job Interview




With so many people out of work these days, it’s important to keep in mind that you need to be prepared when faced with finding a new job.  You’ll find that there are many prospective job seekers all vying for the perfect position or even temporary employment until the right job comes along.  Competition can be fierce. 


If you are lucky enough to snag an interview after submitting in application, do a little research on the company.  It may give you a slight edge over the other applicants.  You will be able to show the person conducting the interview that you have some familiarity with what the company does and how it operates.


Touch up your resume.  Instead of listing your past duties and accomplishments try to incorporate your strengths in such a way that it will show how much value you can bring to the potential employer.   For instance instead of writing “Supervised weekly payroll”, try using “Created a standardized process for recording, tracking and disbursement of weekly payroll which resulted in a 98 percent accuracy rate in check errors”.  This later statement adds value to your skills.


When arriving for an interview your attitude should always be courteous and polite.  Dress for the position that you want.  Remember a large number of employers have tattoo policies.  Keep any tattoos covered either by using makeup or by wearing clothing to conceal your artwork.  Another option is the tattoo cover up sleeve offered by Ink Armor.  The sleeve slips right on and off and can be worn all day because it’s made from a breathable flexible fabric.


Prospective employers are looking for talent, confidence and highly motivated people to add strength the company that they represent.  It is important to be personable and show interest in what the interviewer is conveying in regard to the position.


Always send a thank you note to follow up after you’ve completed an interview.  Remember to get the business card from the interviewer so that you will have their contact information. 


A job search can be a stressful time but if you are prepared the search will go a lot smoother.  You may not get the first job you interview for but don’t give up.  Think of each interview as a practice exercise and try not to be too critical of your efforts.  Eventually you will land the job that’s just right for you.

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