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Top 3 White Hat Techniques – Best for your quality website template at all times

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Even at the best of times, White Hat Techniques do not need a special article or some words to explain their credibility and effectiveness. The problem is – There are so many smart and illegal means around on the Internet by which you could capture traffic to your quality website template that White Hat Techniques has to be spoken with some conviction here. The reason – Using White Hat Techniques for your quality website template will always keep it away from getting penalized by search engines.

In a survey done of 100 Internet Marketers, 40 of them wanted to use White Hat Techniques but didn’t use them because they felt White Hat Techniques could take a lot of time in delivering results. Let us be clear on this finding – It does take time for White Hat Techniques to deliver results, but that is only applicable when you are one-dimensional in your approach. A holistic White Hat Techniques program will more often than not deliver results to you in double quick time.

Everything good and legal you do with your quality website template is considered to be a part of White Hat Techniques. Yet, here are the top 3 White Hat Techniques for your reading

  • Quality content – If something ticks on the Internet even today, it has to be good quality content. This is precisely what people look for when they log on to search engines. And search engines like Google and Yahoo are known to get more than a Million clicks a day. You can get a share of this huge line of traffic, provided you write quality content.

The word, quality content can be subjective, as it seems to have a lot of variables attached to it. But when you read about it, you would know that the focus is on originality, freshness of the content, syntax and grammar and of course, keyword density.

Every piece of the content will surely have one focus subject in mind, and every focus subject will have its set of keywords. Usage of keywords in the text will ensure that your content is optimized. And just so you know – Optimized content fetches far better traffic, in terms of quantity and quality, than non-optimized content.

Make sure your content has a Keyword density of 2-3% and keyword proximity of 50-55% in your content, and you would surely make your content count.

  • Tagging and Meta Keywords – Most SEO guys understand the criticality of tagging and meta keywords. These may seem to be the most basic and simple things in the deal, which they are, but ignore these basics at your own peril.

To put it in simple words – Tags and meta keywords form an integral part of the set of White Hat Techniques only because they are the first point of references for the spiders of search engines. The algorithms of search engines work in such a way that these tags are referenced first and then your content. And as it turns out, while there are many ways you could write perfectly acceptable and good tags and keywords, there are bad ways of doing this too.

A key to using tags and meta keywords as a part of White Hat Techniques is – Not to go for broke and use Black Hat stuff. Write descriptions in a way that they have keywords, but don’t overstuff your descriptions and titles with keywords.

Finally, make sure you write your tags and descriptions in such a way that they make sense, both to the search engines and people who would be visiting your webpage.

  • Linking – And by linking, we refer to good quality links. Think about the impact your new business would get if it has hundred links pointing to it from other reputed companies in the same niche! Surely then, your quality website template’s popularity would have a quantum leap and that too in its early days post launch!

That is the benefit of having Good quality links. The point to be stressed here is Good quality links because webmasters think that increasing the number of links could do justice to their quality website template’s popularity. But, it doesn’t, and eventually you would have only wasted your time procuring useless links.

Adopt a sensitive reciprocal linking strategy. Tap into businesses, who are in your niche and ask them to exchange links with you. One of the key aspects of White Hat Techniques linking is that it benefits all parties involved.

But, most importantly, it ensures your quality website template is actually served well with the help of these links, which we believe

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