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Vault Video Guide to Video Resumes

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Want to get the edge on the rest of the job competition? Then check out this video and learn how to create your very own video resume and stand out from the crowd!

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  • waAhFau

    thnks! dis helps :)

  • EndOfTheWorldReport

    no.. look straight into the camera only.

  • EndOfTheWorldReport

    bullshit, video resumes are the way to go

    • Italo

      You are going through one of the LEAST FUN times for anonye — in 2010 my husband got let go in a wholesale cleanout of personnel by the big Wall Street firm he was with — not fun. It took 6 months, but he landed on his feet, and so will you. You are too talented and experienced; the right job must be out there, and it just has to find you.Best of luck — Cass

  • cvsocial

    Well done video, but videos as resumes are not going to fly; there are too many risks with discrimination and HR organizations can’t handle the files…

  • apopalyar

    Remember with video resumes, strong posture, and presentation are key.

    To do well in a video resume, shadow a newscaster as that will give you the easy market on how to present yourself.

    Ahmad Popalyar


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