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Why Small Organizations Mean Big Business

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Why you should concentrate on small organizations

In the  movie "You've Got Mail", the sub-plot aside from the love angle is that the heroine (played by Meg Ryan)  was forced out of business when the big-time bookstore owner (played by Tom Hanks) moved into town.

Tom's character, on the other hand, moved into town to build a branch of a big chain-bookstore which offered discounted prices and a huge building, as compared to Meg's little bookshop on one corner of the town's streets.

In the end, Meg was forced out of business because her customers went to Tom's monstrous bookshop.

More and more small organizations are paving the way and giving big businesses a shot of their own medicine.

As a small organization you may turn around and have these qualities as your edge to compete against the big sharks in business.

1. Small businesses have big competition.

Here are some tips on how you can survive the big competition:

>Keep your business alive.

Do not spend on unnecessary business purchases and always balance your books.

>Do not be afraid to seek professional help.

The fall of most small businesses start with decisions on problems which are not carefully analyzed.

>Keep your books straight.

>Take advantage of every free business counseling whenever available.

>Know exactly where your business is headed.

2. Learn how to market your small organization.

> Know about your customers.

>Communicate with your customers.

>Do not stop the marketing process.

Remember, small organizations are big businesses these days so do not be afraid to work hard for the company that you have – not matter how small.

If you work hard, make wise business decisions, learn how to market your small business and personalize your customer interaction, your small-scale business is sure to rise to the top.


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